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Water Pump Considerations
Jul 04, 2018

1. If the water pump has any small faults, remember not to let it work. If the filler of the water pump shaft is worn out, it should be added in time. If the water pump is used continuously, it will leak. The direct effect of this is that the motor consumes more energy and can damage the impeller.

2. If the water pump has a strong vibration during use, be sure to stop and check what is the cause, otherwise it will cause damage to the water pump.

3. When the water pump bottom valve leaks, some people will fill the water pump inlet pipe with dry soil and flush it with water to the bottom valve. This is not desirable. Because when the dry soil is put into the water inlet pipe, when the water pump starts to work, the dry soil will enter the water pump, which will damage the water pump impeller and the bearing, which shortens the service life of the water pump. When the bottom valve leaks, it must be repaired. If it is serious, it needs to be replaced.

4, the water pump must pay attention to maintenance after use, for example, when the water pump is used up, put the water in the water pump clean, it is best to remove the water pipe and then rinse with water.

5, the tape on the water pump should also be removed, then rinse with water and dry in the light, do not put the tape in a dark and humid place. The water pump's tape must not be stained with oil, and do not apply some sticky material to the tape.

6. Carefully check the impeller for cracks. If the impeller is fixed on the bearing, if it is loose, if there is crack and looseness, it should be repaired in time. If there is mud on the water pump impeller, clean it.

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