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Solenoid Working Principle
Oct 23, 2017

The structure and working principle of solenoid valve

Solenoid valves are widely used in our production. We have a preliminary understanding of solenoid valves. The solenoid valve is composed of electromagnetic coil and magnetic core. It is a valve body containing one or several holes. When the coil is energized or without power, the running of the core will cause the fluid to flow through the valve body or be cut off to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid. The electromagnetic components of solenoid valve consist of fixed core, moving iron core and coil components. The body part consists of slide valve core, slide valve sleeve and spring base. The solenoid coil is mounted directly onto the valve body, and the valve body is sealed in the sealing tube, forming a compact and compact combination. The solenoid valve used in our production has two - three, two - four, two - digit five - pass, etc. For the solenoid valve, it is charged and lost. For the valve controlled, it is open and closed.

It is composed of valve body, valve cover, electromagnetic component, spring and seal structure. The sealing block at the bottom of the moving iron core can be turned off by the pressure of the spring. When energized, the electromagnet absorbs, the upper part of the moving iron core is closed by the sealing block of the spring, and the airflow enters the film head from the air inlet to play a controlling role. Disappear when losing electricity, electromagnetic force, under the action of spring force of moving iron core leave fixed iron core, move down, open the vent, plug the air inlet, membrane air flow through the vent discharge, diaphragm to restore the original position. In our oxygenation equipment, there are applications in the emergency cut-off of the imported thin film regulating valve of the turboexpander.

When a current through the coil, excitation effect, fixed core and moving iron core, moving iron core drives the valve core and compression spring, change the position of the valve core, which changes the direction of the fluid. When the coil is out of power, the force of the spring will push the sliding valve core, and the top will return to the core, so that the fluid will flow in the original direction. In our production of oxygen, the switch of the molecular sieve switching system forced valve is controlled by two four-way solenoid valves, which are separately provided to the piston ends of the forced valve. This will control the opening and closing of the forced valve.

The solenoid valve is the most important element in pneumatic control elements. According to the mode of operation, there are two kinds of direct motion and pilot head type.

1. The type of moving into

Direct acting solenoid valve is to use electromagnetic force directly to push stem (valve core) change direction. According to the control mode of the valve core, there are two kinds of single - and dual - electric control. Direct acting solenoid valve is characterized by simple structure, compact and high commutation frequency. However, when used to ac electromagnet, if the stem card dies, there may be a burning coil. The reverse stroke of the stem is driven by an electromagnet. So it only applies to small valves.

Use straight acting double electric solenoid valve should pay special attention to both sides of the electromagnet can't electricity at the same time, otherwise will make the electromagnetic coil burn out, therefore, in the electrical control circuit, usually with prevent electric interlock circuit at the same time.

2. Pilot head type

The pilot head type solenoid valve is composed of small solenoid valve and large air control reversing valve, also known as electric control reversing valve. The source of the pilot head type electromagnetic gas control can be divided into automatic control (internal pilot) and his control (external leader). The valve of the main valve is used as the valve of the air control signal. Self-controlled solenoid valve is easy to use, but it can reduce the pressure in the instant of the commutation, especially when the output flow is too large, it may cause the valve to change to failure. In order to ensure the valve's commutation performance or reduce the minimum working pressure of the valve, the valve of the main valve control signal from external supply pressure is referred to as his control solenoid valve.

By the composition principle of the guide head type solenoid valve, a single electric control, double electric control, two, three, two-way, tee, four-way, five-way and cut-off and sliding column type structure, thus the structure of electric control reversing valve and specifications.

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