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Solenoid Valve Fault
Jul 26, 2016

1, solenoid valve wiring loose or head off, solenoid valve shall not, fasten thread ends.

2, solenoid valve coil burnt out, remove solenoid valve, wiring, measured with a multimeter, if open, the solenoid valve coil burnt. Why coil gets wet, cause bad insulation and magnetic flux leakage, resulting in excessive current in a coil burnt, so to prevent rainwater from entering the solenoid valve. In addition, the excellent spring, recoil is too large, too few coils, coil can be burned enough suction. Emergency handling, manual button on the coil works can be brought when the "0" to "1" position, valve open.

3, electromagnetic valve stuck: solenoid valve spool valve sleeve and valve clearance is very small (less than 0.008mm), and are generally a single Assembly, when mechanical impurities into or lubricants are too small, easily jammed. Processing methods wire available from poke small holes into the head, making it bounce. Is the fundamental solution to solenoid valve removed, remove the valve core and the valve core with CCI4 cleaning, making flexible movement within the spool valve sleeve. Disassembly

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