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Solenoid The Role
Jul 28, 2017

The operating principle of the solenoid valve is similar, Solenoid except that the action of the moving rod is done by the magnetic force generated by the electromagnetic coil. If the positive pressure from the spring into the entrance, then the bowl will block the outlet, that is, open, in fact, Solenoid sometimes do not need to be involved in pressure, because the spring itself will complete this work. But there are many designs for insurance, to prevent the spring was stuck, you need to maintain pressure, so that is in the closed state, the spring also has a positive pressure.

If a positive pressure is applied to the blue arrows, Solenoid the positive pressure directly exerts pressure on the spring, pressing the spring to open the air outlet, and the valve is turned on due to the action of the two seals.

Is composed of electromagnetic coils and magnetic core, Solenoid is a valve body containing one or several holes. When the coil is energized or de-energized, the operation of the core will cause the fluid to pass through the valve body or be cut off to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid. Electromagnetic parts of the solenoid valve by the fixed core, moving core, coil and other components; Solenoid valve part of the spool by the spool, slide sleeve, spring base and other components. Solenoid The solenoid is mounted directly on the valve body and the valve body is enclosed in a sealed tube to form a simple, compact combination. We used in the production of the solenoid valve has two three, two four, two five and so on. Here first talk about the meaning of the two: for the solenoid valve is charged and lost, for the control of the valve is open and closed.

After the power does not work: check the power wiring is bad, Solenoid if the rewiring and the connector should be connected to different types of solenoid valve; check the power supply voltage is in the ± range of work, transferred to the normal position range; coil is desoldering, Welding; Solenoid coil short circuit should replace the coil; work pressure is not appropriate, adjust the pressure difference, or replace the commensurate electromagnetic fluid temperature is too high, should replace the commensurate solenoid valve; Solenoid impurity to the main valve spool and moving iron Core stuck should be cleaned, if sealed damage should be replaced seal and install the filter; if the liquid viscosity is too large, the frequency is too high and life has to be replaced products

Solenoid valve response time can be as short as several milliseconds, Solenoid even the pilot solenoid valve can also be controlled in tens of milliseconds. Due to self-loop, than other self-control valve reaction more sensitive. Designed solenoid valve coil power consumption is very low, Solenoid is energy-saving products; can also be done just trigger the action, automatically keep the valve position, Solenoid usually not power consumption at all. Solenoid valve small size, both to save space, but also lightweight and beautiful.

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