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Solenoid The Protection Barrier
Sep 27, 2017

With the rapid development of science and technology, Solenoid industrial production on the process control system reliability requirements are getting higher and higher, the control system through the power supply, controller, server, communication network and IO card parts and other components of the system redundancy improve. Interlocking system as a protective barrier to process control, Solenoid the control system outside the implementation of the part of the reliability requirements are particularly prominent. As the ultimate control of the process control of the control valve, the reliability of its interlocking action will certainly affect the reliability of the entire interlock system. In the actual production process, SIL1 and SIL2 safety level of the interlocking system using a single control valve, and according to the need to support the solenoid valve, Solenoid often using redundant way to key control valve interlocking reliability significantly improved, different redundancy The configuration scheme has different characteristics.

Control valve configuration two three-way single solenoid valve, there are three types of solenoid valve: normally closed type --- power failure when the mouth is closed, Solenoid the exhaust port connected to the cylinder port, when the pressure port connected to the cylinder Mouth and outlet closed; normally open type --- power failure when the pressure port connected to the cylinder, Solenoid the exhaust port closed, when the pressure is closed and the cylinder port connected to the exhaust port; The valve is connected to either one of the normally closed or normally open positions, or flows from one port to another.

The control valve is divided into two types: regulating valve and shut-off valve according to whether the opening control is continuous. Regulating valve According to the process control requirements, with AO signal to achieve 0% and 100% between the positioning of the trip, configure the valve positioner. Solenoid Interlock control valve in the valve positioner and actuator between the configuration of the solenoid valve, with DO signal to achieve interlock control, solenoid valve generally use single solenoid valve, to achieve the control valve actuator air supply and discharge, to achieve the joint Lock the target; cut off the valve opening is only fully open and fully closed two positions, you must configure the solenoid valve for gas path and cut off control,Solenoid with the DO signal to cut off the valve in full and fully closed two state switch.

In the product manual are described in detail. Components have been tested and tested at the factory and sealed with plastic plugs. Accompanied by a certain number of sealed spare parts are placed in plastic bags packaged shipping. Before use, should check the certificate of competency, Solenoid instructions and spare parts are complete, and check whether the packaging is not good, damaged or foreign body, whether the opening of the port. It is best to clean with kerosene before installation.

The installation should also pay attention to: the port should not be wrong (the general components of the oil port are marked or code); installation of motor control valve pairs, Solenoid we must pay attention to the cam or the block of the trip and the distance between the valve to avoid When the drive is broken; with the flange to install the connection components, Solenoid the connection screw to be screwed properly, twisted too tight but will make the seal bad; some network has opened to facilitate the manufacture and installation of the hole, after installation should be useless block Dead rotor pump; after installation, a variety of components of the backup seal should be kept in good condition for maintenance when used to replace.

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