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Solenoid The Main Features
Sep 22, 2017

Solenoid valve is an industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetic control. It is an automatic basic component used to control the fluid. It belongs to the actuator and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. Adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium in an industrial control system. The solenoid valve can cooperate with different circuits to achieve the expected control, and the control precision and flexibility can be guaranteed. There are many kinds of solenoid valves. Different solenoid valves play a role in different positions in the control system. The most common ones are one-way valve, safety valve, directional control valve, speed regulating valve and so on.

Working principle

Solenoid valve has closed cavity, open a hole in different position, each hole to connect different tubing, cavity piston is among, both sides are two electromagnets, which face the magnet coil electricity body which side will be attracted to, through to control the movement of the valve to open or close the different discharge of oil hole, and the oil hole is always open, hydraulic fluid will enter the different oil drain, and then through the oil pressure to push the cylinder piston, piston drives the piston rod, piston rod drive mechanism. This controls the mechanical movement by controlling the electrical current of the electromagnet

The installation note

1. Pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the valve body when installed. Do not put in places where there is direct water or splash. Solenoid valve shall be installed vertically upwards;

2. The solenoid valve shall ensure normal work within the range of 15% to 10% of the rated voltage.

3. After the solenoid valve is installed, there shall be no reverse pressure difference in the pipe. It needs to be electrified several times, so that it can be formally put into use.

4. Thoroughly clean the pipe before installation of solenoid valve. The incoming medium shall be free of impurity. Valve front loading strainer;

5. When the solenoid valve fails or is cleaned, the bypass device should be installed to ensure the system continues to operate.

The main features

1. Leakage, easy to control, safe use

Leakage inside and outside is an essential factor for security. Other automatic control valves usually hold out the stem, which is operated by electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuator control valve core. This is to solve the leakage problem of long-term action stem seal. Only the solenoid valve is used to seal the core of the electric control valve through the magnetic tube, and there is no movement seal, so the leakage is easy to stop. Electric valve torque control is not easy, easy to produce internal leakage, and even pull the stem head; The structure of solenoid valve is easy to control leakage, until it is zero. Therefore, solenoid valves are specially safe for use in corrosive, toxic or high - temperature media.

2. The system is simple, and then the computer is connected, and the price is low

The solenoid valve itself is simple in structure and low in price, which is easy to install and maintain compared with other kinds of actuators such as regulator. What is more striking is that the self-control system is much simpler and the price is much lower. Because solenoid valve is the switch signal control, it is convenient to connect with the industrial control computer. The advantage of the solenoid valve is even more evident in the era of computer popularization and the sharp decline in prices.

3. Action express, small power and light shape

Solenoid valve response time can be as short as a few milliseconds, even if the pilot solenoid valve can be controlled in tens of milliseconds. Because of its own loop, it is more responsive than other control valves. The well-designed electromagnetic valve coil power consumption is very low, belongs to the energy-saving product; You can also do just the trigger action, automatically hold the valve position, and do not consume electricity at all times. The solenoid valve is small in shape, saving both space and beauty.

4. The adjustment of precision is limited, and the applicable media is limited

Solenoid valve usually only has the switch two kinds of state, the valve core can be in two limit position, can not continuously adjust, so the adjustment precision is also limited.

The solenoid valve has higher requirements for the cleanliness of the medium, and the granular medium cannot be applied. The impurities must be filtered first. In addition, the viscous medium cannot be applied, and the range of medium viscosity for specific products is relatively narrow.

5. Variety and versatility

Although the solenoid valve has inherent shortcomings, the advantages are still outstanding, so it is designed into a variety of products to meet various needs and USES extremely widely. The progress of solenoid valve technology is also about how to overcome the insufficiency, how to play the inherent advantages better.

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