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Solenoid The History Of
Oct 16, 2017

The history of the solenoid valve, so far, the electromagnetic valve at home and abroad from the principle of three categories (namely: direct-acting, step direct-type, Solenoid pilot-type, and from the disc structure and material differences and principles are divided into six branches of small categories (straight diaphragm structure, Solenoid step diaphragm structure, pilot-type diaphragm structure, Solenoid direct-moving piston structure, Split-step piston structure, leading piston structure.

Principle: It is a direct and pilot-type combination of the principle, when the inlet and outlet pressure difference ≤0.05Mpa, when the power, the electromagnetic force directly to the pilot valve and the main valves closed in turn up, valve open.

When inlet and outlet pressure differential $number. 05Mpa, power, Solenoid the electromagnetic force first open the pilot valve, the main valve under pressure rise, the cavity pressure drop, thereby using the pressure difference to push the main valve up; When the power is off, the pilot valve and the main valve use the spring force or medium pressure to push off the piece, move downward, so that the valve closes

Principle: When power, the electromagnetic force to open the pilot hole, Solenoid the chamber pressure rapidly drop, the lower pressure difference is formed around the closing part, pushing the closing piece upwards, the valve is opened, the spring force is closed when the power is cut off, and the inlet pressure enters the upper chamber quickly through the bypass hole to form the lower high pressure difference around the shutoff valve. Push the shutoff to move downward and close the valve.

Characteristics: The upper limit of fluid pressure range is high, Solenoid but it must meet the condition of fluid pressure difference.

1. Carefully read the product manual before installation, check whether the product conforms to the usage requirements, remember the installation points and do the preparation work.

2. Proofing nameplate parameters and the selected product parameters are consistent.

3. Before taking over 0.3MPa pressure on the pipe flushing, Solenoid the pipeline of metal powder and sealing material residues, rust and other cleaning.

4. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the medium, if the media mixed with dirt, impurities and other obstacles to the normal operation of the solenoid valve, the pipeline should be installed filter valve.

5. Solenoid valve should not be installed in the pipeline low place, Solenoid installed in the container discharge pipe, note that the container should not be drawn from the bottom, but should be installed at the bottom of the container slightly position.

6. If the medium will play the water hammer phenomenon, then should use the waterproof hammer function solenoid valve or take the corresponding precaution measure.

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