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Solenoid The Combination
Jul 20, 2017

Solenoid valve is composed of electromagnetic coil and core, is one or several holes containing the valve body. When the coil is energized or de-energized, Solenoid the operation of the core will cause the fluid to pass through the valve body or be cut off to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid. Electromagnetic parts of the solenoid valve by the fixed core, moving core, coil and other components; valve part of the spool by the spool, Solenoid slide sleeve, spring base and other components. The solenoid is mounted directly on the valve body and the valve body is enclosed in a sealed tube to form a simple, compact combination.

From the gas or oil on the road, we used in the production of the solenoid valve has two three, Solenoid two four, two five and so on. Solenoid valve two refers to the solenoid valve spool has two different working positions (open, off). (Two channels, the most common common) two three-way solenoid valve to control the liquid is a two into the two (Two out are a normally open a normally closed); Solenoid pneumatic commutation solenoid valve is a one into an exhaust; hydraulic into a return to the oil.

The two-position five-way solenoid valve has one inlet (inlet air supply), Solenoid one positive working air outlet and one reaction to make air holes (one positive and negative air supply to the target device, respectively), 1 A positive action vent and a reaction action vent (install muffler).

Two-way five-way solenoid valve is generally double-controlled (ie, double coil). Solenoid Two five-way dual-solenoid valve operation principle: to the positive action coil power, the positive action air connected (positive action out of the air), even if the positive action coil is powered off after the positive action is still connected , Will be maintained until the reaction to the action coil so far. When the reaction coil is energized, Solenoid the reaction airway is turned on (the reaction is made to have air), and even if the reaction air is still turned on after the reverse action coil is turned off, it will be maintained until the positive action coil is energized The This is equivalent to "self-locking". Based on the two-position five-way dual solenoid valve, Solenoid this feature allows the solenoid valve coil to operate for 1 to 2 seconds when designing the electromechanical control circuit or programming the PLC program. Solenoid This protects the solenoid valve coil from damage

Solenoid valve failure will directly affect the switching valve and control valve action, Solenoid a common fault solenoid valve does not move, should be investigated from the following aspects:

(1) solenoid valve coil burned, can remove the solenoid valve wiring, Solenoid with a multimeter to measure, if open, then the solenoid valve coil burned.

Because there is a coil damp, causing poor insulation and magnetic leakage, Solenoid resulting in the coil is too large and burned, so to prevent the rain into the solenoid valve. Solenoid In addition, the spring is too hard, the reaction force is too large, the coil turns too little, suction can also make the coil burned. In case of emergency treatment, the manual button on the coil can be hit by the "0" bit in normal operation to the "1" position, allowing the valve to open.

(2) solenoid valve stuck. Solenoid valve slide valve sleeve and spool with a small gap (less than 0.008mm), are generally single-piece assembly, when there are mechanical impurities into or less oil, it is easy to stuck. Treatment method can be used to pull the wire from the head hole, so that it bounced back. The fundamental solution is to remove the solenoid valve, remove the spool and spool sleeve, with CCI4 cleaning, Solenoid making the spool in the valve sleeve action is flexible. Disassembly should pay attention to the assembly of the parts and the external wiring position, so that re-assembly and wiring is correct, Solenoid but also check the oil mist spray hole is blocked, the oil is sufficient.

(3) Leakage. Leakage can cause insufficient air pressure, making the forced valve opening and closing difficult, because the gasket is damaged or spool valve wear caused by a few cavity channeling gas. When handling the solenoid valve failure of the switching system, Solenoid the appropriate timing should be selected. If the solenoid valve is in the event of loss of power, if the processing is not finished in a switching gap, the switching system can be suspended and handled calmly.

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