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Solenoid Maintenance And Maintenance
May 27, 2017

Solenoid valve is an industrial equipment with electromagnetic control, in the refrigeration system to adjust the direction of the medium, flow, Solenoid speed and other parameters. For the characteristics of solenoid valve, how to choose solenoid valve? In order to prolong the life of solenoid valve, how to maintain it?

There are two kinds of regular and open type. Closed when the closed-mode power off, when the coil is energized to generate electromagnetic force, Solenoid so that the moving iron core to overcome the spring force with the static iron core suction directly open valve, the medium is a pathway; when the coil power loss when the electromagnetic force disappears, the dynamic iron core under the action of Spring force Reset, directly close the valve mouth, media impassability. Simple structure, reliable operation, normal operation under 0 pressure difference and micro vacuum. The normal type is the opposite. such as less than φ 6 flow through the solenoid valve.

Often closed-type power, Solenoid the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force open pieces from the valve seat, the valve open; When the power is off, the electromagnetic force disappears and the spring presses the open piece on the seat and the valve is open. (often open type is opposite)

This valve uses one open valve and two times to open the valve to connect, the main valve and the guide valve steps the electromagnetism force and the pressure difference to open the main valve mouth directly. When the coil is energized, the electromagnetic force is produced to make the movable iron core and the core suction, the guide valve opening and the guide valve mouth are arranged on the main valve mouth, Solenoid and the moving iron core is connected with the main valve core, at this time the pressure of the main valve upper chamber is unloaded by the guide valve, and the main valve core is moved upward by the pressure difference and the electromagnetic force, and the main valve is opened to circulate the medium. When the electric magnetic force disappears when the coil loses power, the moving iron core closes the guide valve hole under the action of the weight and the spring force, at this time the medium enters the main valve core cavity in the balance hole, causes the upper chamber pressure to rise, then closes the main valve under the action of the spring reduction and the The structure is reasonable, Solenoid the movement is reliable, the work is reliable when 0 pressure difference. such as: Zkbid and so on.

It is a direct and pilot-type combination of principle, when the entrance and exit without pressure difference, after the power, the electromagnetic force directly to the pilot valve and the main valves closed in turn up, valve open. When the inlet and outlet reach the start-up pressure difference, after power, the solenoid pilot small valve, the main valve lower chamber pressure, Solenoid the upper chamber pressure drop, thereby using the pressure difference to push the main valve up; When the power is off, the pilot valve can push the closing piece with the spring force or medium pressure to move down, and the valve is closed.

internal and external leakage is a threat to security. Other control valves usually extend the stem, which is controlled by an electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuator to rotate or move the spool. This is to solve the long-term action valve stem seal leakage problem; the only solenoid valve is the use of magnetic force in the seal in the magnetic casing inside the iron core, there is no dynamic seal, so the leak is easy to plug. Electric valve torque control is difficult, easy to produce internal leakage, or even pull off the stem head; Solenoid valve structure type easy to control the leakage, until the drop to zero. Therefore, solenoid valves are particularly safe to use, especially for corrosive, poisonous or high and low temperature media.

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