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Solenoid How To Maintain
Aug 07, 2017

Solenoid valves are used in electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, Solenoid in the refrigeration system to adjust the media direction, flow, speed and other parameters. For the characteristics of the solenoid valve, solenoid valve should be how to choose? In order to extend the life of the solenoid valve, how to maintain and maintain it?

This valve is used to open the valve and the second valve in one, Solenoid the main valve and pilot valve step by step so that the electromagnetic force and pressure directly open the main valve port. When the coil is energized, the electromagnetic force is generated so that the movable iron core and the static core are sucked and the pilot port is opened and the valve port is arranged on the main valve port, Solenoid and the movable iron core is connected with the main spool, The pressure of the chamber through the guide valve unloading, in the pressure difference and electromagnetic force at the same time under the action of the main spool up movement, open the main valve medium circulation. When the coil power off when the electromagnetic force disappears, Solenoid then move the core in the role of self-weight and spring force to close the valve hole, then the media in the balance hole into the main spool cavity, so that the upper chamber pressure, In the spring return and pressure under the effect of closing the main valve, the media flow. Solenoid Reasonable structure, reliable action, working in zero pressure is also reliable. Such as: ZQDF, ZS, 2W and so on

It is a combination of direct and pilot type of principle, when the entrance and outlet no pressure, the power, the electromagnetic force directly to the pilot valve and the main valve closing parts in turn lift up, the valve open. When the inlet and outlet to start the pressure difference, Solenoid the power, the electromagnetic force pilot small valve, the main valve chamber pressure rise, the upper chamber pressure drop, Solenoid so the use of pressure to push the main valve up; power, the pilot valve using spring Force or medium pressure to push the closing member, move down to close the valve.

This solenoid valve by the pilot valve and the main valve core connected to form a combination of channels; normally closed in the absence of power, was off. When the coil is energized, Solenoid the generated magnetic force causes the moving core and the static core to suck, the pilot port opens and the medium flows to the outlet. At this time, the pressure in the upper chamber of the main spool is reduced, which is lower than the pressure on the inlet side, Resistance and then move up to achieve the purpose of opening the main valve port, Solenoid the media circulation. When the coil is powered off, the magnetic force disappears and the moving core is reset to close the pilot port under the action of the spring force. At this time, the medium flows from the balance hole, the upper chamber pressure increases and the spring force moves downward, Close the main valve port. The normally open principle is just the opposite.

At the time of energization, Solenoid the electromagnetic force opens the pilot hole, the upper chamber pressure drops rapidly, the upper and lower pressure difference is formed around the open part, the fluid pressure drives the opening part to move upwards, the valve opens; when the power is turned on, the spring force opens the pilot hole , Solenoid The inlet pressure through the bypass hole quickly chamber in the closing valve around the formation of the lower under the high pressure, the fluid pressure to push the open parts down to open the valve.

Solenoid valve is divided into normally closed and normally open two; generally use normally closed type, power on, power off; but very long when the opening time is very short to use normally open type.

Life test, the factory is generally a type of test items, Solenoid to say that China has no professional standard solenoid valve, so the choice of solenoid valve manufacturers when careful. Solenoid Action time is very short frequency is generally selected direct use of large diameter selection of fast series.

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