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Solenoid Common Failures
Jun 13, 2017

The solenoid valve consists of an electromagnetic coil and a magnetic core and is a valve body containing one or more holes. When the coil is energized or powered down, the core will cause the fluid to pass through the valve body or be cut off to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid. Solenoid valve electromagnetic components from fixed iron core, moving iron core, Solenoid coil and other components, valve body part by the spool, Solenoid sliding valve sleeve, spring base and so on. The solenoid coil is directly mounted on the valve body and the body is enclosed in a sealed tube, forming a compact, tight combination.

From the gas road or oil road, we are in the production of commonly used solenoid valve two tee, two-digit four-pass, two-digit five-pass and so on. Solenoid valve Two-bit refers to the solenoid valve core has two different working positions (open, off). And how many of the solenoid valve valve body on the number of channel ports; For example, Solenoid two-bit two-pass solenoid valve is one out (two channels, most common) two-bit three-step solenoid valve control liquid is one into two out (two out of one often closed); pneumatic reversing solenoid valve is one into one out of the exhaust;

The fault of the solenoid valve will directly affect the movement of the switch valve and the regulating valve, the common fault is that the solenoid valve does not act and should be investigated in the following aspects:

(1) Solenoid valve coil burnout, Solenoid detachable solenoid valve wiring, measuring with a multimeter, if open, the solenoid valve coil burnout.

Cause the cable coil is damp, cause the insulation is bad and leakage magnetism, cause the line coil current is too big and burn down, so to prevent rainwater to enter the solenoid valve. In addition, the spring is strong, the reaction is too large, the coil turns too few, suction is not enough to make the coil burned. Emergency processing, can be the manual button on the coil from the normal working "0" bit to "1" bit, Solenoid so that the valve open.

(2) Solenoid valve stuck. Solenoid valve sleeve and spool of the coordination gap is very small (less than 0.008mm), is generally a single piece of assembly, Solenoid when there is mechanical impurities into or too little lubricant, it is easy to get stuck. The treatment method can be used steel wire from the small hole of the head to poke, so that it bounces back. The fundamental solution is to remove the solenoid valve, take out the spool and spool, with CCI4 cleaning, so that the spool in the valve sleeve flexible movement. Solenoid The disassembly should pay attention to the assembly sequence and the external wiring position, in order to reassemble and wiring correctly, but also check whether the oil mist injector hole is blocked, lubricating oil is enough.

(3) Air leakage. Leakage will cause air pressure is insufficient, make the forced valve opening and closing difficult, because the seal gasket damage or sliding valve wear and caused several cavities channeling gas. Solenoid In handling the switching system solenoid valve fault, should choose the appropriate timing, and so on when the solenoid valve in the loss of power processing, if in a switching gap within the processing, you can suspend the switching system, calmly.

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