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Solenoid Cause Of Issue
Oct 31, 2017

The widespread use of solenoid valves is the industry's demand for solenoid valve production is getting higher and higher. In the solenoid valve body material selection is also more and more attention. In many factors, we will pay more attention to the corrosion of the valve body material. Because in the solenoid valve, the problem of corrosion is very complicated. In some acidity, temperature, humidity under the influence of the solenoid valve body is easy to be corroded. Not just the material properties of the problem, we will take into account when the price, market, supply and a series of problems, so in the solenoid valve industry, the choice of body is a very knowledgeable problem.

Many times the body surface is also subject to atmospheric corrosion, the general steel materials are to paint to protect. At the same time in the body anti-corrosion, tend to take lining measures, such as lining lead, lining aluminum, lining engineering plastics, lining natural rubber and various synthetic rubber. Again, in the case of pressure, the temperature is not high, with non-metallic valve main material, often can be very effective in controlling corrosion.

Corrosion of the valve body in two forms, namely, chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. Its corrosion rate depends on the temperature of the medium, pressure, chemical properties and the corrosion resistance of the valve body material. Therefore, the choice of material in the solenoid valve, we have to take into account a lot of factors.

List some of the most common causes of failure and troubleshooting methods.

1. Solid material is brought into the valve, resulting in the solenoid valve can not be properly closed. Most models of the solenoid valve, are not any particles of material into the valve, even if the small particles can not. There have been customers all the way to a DN100 water valve back to the factory, asked to help him repair, we opened the valve and found a small piece of iron on the diaphragm. Remove it, the valve body and accessories to re-clean, and then re-test, the valve can work properly. We have returned to the maintenance of the valve, saw the small stone tablets, raw materials, iron, and even cockroaches.

2. The voltage is not enough, causing the solenoid valve to not open normally. Especially DC24V DC12V AC24V and other relatively low voltage, we must ensure that the voltage fluctuations in the range of plus or minus 10% or less. If the power supply voltage is less than 10% of the rated voltage, it may cause the solenoid valve can not be properly opened.

3. The installation direction of the solenoid valve is wrong. Regular manufacturers of the solenoid valve, will be marked on the valve body with the direction of the flow of the media, the installation instructions in accordance with the direction of the arrow to install, can not be installed, otherwise it will lead to the reverse pressure of the solenoid valve to open, resulting in normal closure. In addition the solenoid valve generally need to install horizontally, the coil vertical upward, the medium flow and the direction of the solenoid valve arrows. In special cases, it is permissible to tilt at 30 °. If the solenoid valve is mounted vertically, it may cause the solenoid valve to be shut off.

When using a solenoid valve, it is advisable to install a filter at the front of the solenoid valve in the piping system to prevent particulate impurities from entering the solenoid valve chamber. In any case to ensure that the solenoid valve power input voltage to meet the requirements, not only the regulator output voltage to meet the requirements, because it involves the cable length of the voltage loss. While the capacity of the regulator should be sufficient surplus.

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