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Solenoid Adjustment Action
Nov 01, 2017

Solenoid valve is a kind of electric valve, is the use of electromagnetic coil generated magnetic field to pull the spool, thereby changing the valve body, the coil power off, Solenoid the spool depends on the spring pressure back.

Electric valve is divided into two kinds, a kind of angular stroke electric valve: By the angle stroke of the electric actuator with the angle stroke of the valve used to achieve the valve 90 degrees of internal spin control pipe fluid through the break; another is the direct stroke electric valve: By the direct stroke of the electric actuator with the direct stroke of the valve used to achieve the valve plate up and down action to control the flow of It is usually used on devices with higher degree of automation.

Electric valves are usually connected by electrically operated actuators and valves, Solenoid and are electrically operated after installation and commissioning. Electric valve use electric power as power to connect the actuator valve to realize the valve switch, adjust the action.

Solenoid valve uses electromagnetic principle, the electromagnetic attraction generated by electromagnetic coil to guide the valve core Movement, control mode for do digital signal control.

The driving device of the electric valve is a reversible electric motor, which drives the spool control valve by a certain time rotation of the motor, Solenoid and the flow of the pipe medium can be regulated by the AI analog signal control, and the digital signal control can be used in the specific piping environment.

Solenoid valve has excellent leak-proof performance, quick and close, power small, suitable for some corrosion, toxicity and other chemical substances in the pipeline as cut-off use.

Most of the electric valves are used to regulate the flow of pipes, normally installed in the vent of the air supply cooling pipe, can also be used in the liquid pipeline, Solenoid in the beverage production of canned pipes and sewage pipes and other pipelines widely used.

The general circulation coefficient of solenoid valve is very small, and the working pressure is very low. For example, the general 25-caliber solenoid valve flow coefficient than 15-caliber electric ball valve is much smaller. Solenoid Valve drive is through the electromagnetic coil, more susceptible to voltage impact damage. Solenoid Equivalent to the role of the switch, is to open and close 2 of the role.

Electric valve drive is generally used motor, compared to withstand voltage impact. Solenoid valve is fast and fast off, generally used in small flow and small pressure, Solenoid require a large switching frequency of the local electric valve instead. The opening of the electric valve can be controlled, the state has open, Solenoid off, half open half shut, can control the flow of the medium in the pipeline and solenoid valve does not reach this requirement.

Solenoid Valve General Power can be reset, electric valve to such a function need to add a reset device.

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