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Hydraulic Valve Very Demanding
Aug 07, 2017

Domestic hydraulic market, low pressure, Hydraulic Valve small flow system using domestic electromagnetic valve is more common. High pressure system, and require more stringent conditions, Hydraulic Valve can be common Taiwan and other brands imported electromagnetic valve. Electromagnetic valve as one of the commonly used standardized hydraulic components, the basic structure of no major differences

Electromagnetic reversing valve with slide valve structure, Hydraulic Valve electromagnet power action, the cylindrical valve core in the valve body from the internal movement, inevitably friction with the valve body. At the same time the internal work of the electromagnetic valve to withstand high pressure, exacerbate the wear phenomenon. So the high pressure, high frequency environment of the electromagnetic valve to the higher requirements. For the spool and valve body hardness of the ordinary electromagnetic valve, in this high-pressure high-frequency work, Hydraulic Valve wear faster, so that between the valve body and the valve core with the gap increases to reach a certain limit, it will cause Electromagnetic reversing valve internal leakage increases, ranging from the flow loss caused by reduced system efficiency, due to the internal leakage caused by the implementation of malfunctions such as malfunction. Body with ductile iron cast processing, Hydraulic Valve through the raw material ratio process, can increase the valve body hardness.

Electromagnetically operated valves are also the key to electromagnets. In addition to the performance, the size of the difference between the thrust, good electromagnet, Hydraulic Valve its copper, silicon steel, white iron pipe material specifications are high, in addition to ensuring high pressure environment, long-term pressure, smooth action, to ensure high pressure high frequency work temperature L lower itself to extend the life of the electromagnet. While helping to control the hydraulic oil temperature rise. Hydraulic oil temperature is too high caused by oil changes, easily lead to hydraulic system malfunction or even component failure.

Electromagnetic reversing valve quality Another difference lies in the processing technology, precision.

Spool in the valve body between the gap, because the spool need to move smoothly in the valve body,Hydraulic Valve it must ensure a certain gap between the two. But if the gap is too large can not achieve the seal between the ports, the discharge is too large. In the spool under the premise of smooth movement, with the smaller gap, the electromagnetic valve can withstand high pressure and maintain a good seal. Hydraulic Valve At the same time, the spool coaxial degree also has a very high demand. Spool coaxial degree is poor, in the pressure environment, the valve core points are not equal, the pressure difference caused by the spool was pushed to the side, close to the valve body wall, causing the card valve. Some low-quality electromagnetic valve running after a certain period of time prone to card valve, Hydraulic Valve sometimes due to low hardness of the spool, wear caused by coaxial reduction after wear and tear caused.

The main parts of the hydraulic valve body material, first of all should take into account the physical properties of the working medium (temperature, pressure) and chemical properties (corrosive) and so on. Hydraulic Valve At the same time, should also understand the degree of cleanliness of the media (with or without solid particles). In addition, we must also refer to the relevant provisions and requirements of the State and the use of the department

Many kinds of materials to meet the hydraulic valve body in a variety of different conditions of use requirements. However, the correct and reasonable choice of hydraulic valve body material, Hydraulic Valve you can get the most economical hydraulic valve valve life and the best performance.

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