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Hydraulic Valve The Spool Adjustment And Sealing Effect
Aug 30, 2017

Hydraulic valve in the use of the process, you can effectively use its control valve and the valve body between the throttle area and equipment generated by the local resistance of convection to its effective adjustment, the hydraulic valve will be effective in its control of its hydraulic The execution speed of the valve actuator.

After adjusting the orifice area of the hydraulic valve, it is possible to effectively maintain the stability of the actuator whose load pressure is not changed and the running uniformity is not high, and in the process of changing the load pressure , Can keep its throttle valve inlet and outlet pressure for the fixed value.

Hydraulic valve in the operation is mainly hydraulic transmission, mainly used to control the liquid pressure, direction and flow of components, product sealing component damage is a common phenomenon, the main factor is the impurities in the working fluid. These impurities in the sealing element grinding between the valve to produce leakage, if the filter accuracy of 3 / um filter, hydraulic valve life can be improved by 10um 10 times.

Although the hydraulic valve between the various parts of the bolt connection, but the product is designed for non-demolition, if there is no special equipment or professional technology, forced dismantling is likely to cause damage to the hydraulic valve. So before the demolition of the hydraulic valve to grasp the structure and the connection between the parts, the demolition of the record when the location of the relationship between the parts.

Hydraulic valve in the use of the process need to effectively check the valve body and spool and other two pieces of dirt deposition, without damage to the working surface under the premise of cotton yarn, brush, non-metallic scraper to remove the concentration of dirt.

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