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Hydraulic Valve Screw Hole Machining Accuracy
Oct 23, 2017

Hydraulic valve in use is a kind of with pressure oil operations in the process of automation components, it is mainly affected by pressure oil pressure valve control, usually with electromagnetic valve combination, can be used for remote control of hydropower station, oil, gas, water piping system on and off, often used for clamping, control and lubrication oil.

Hydraulic valve mainly USES the pressure oil operation automation components, when use it under the control of the match pressure valve pressure oil, usually with electromagnetic valve combination, can be used for remote control of hydropower station, oil, gas, water piping system on and off.

Hydraulic valve can effectively control the stability of the branch circuit be lower than the main loop hydraulic pressure, pressure reducing valve according to its control function is different, can divide again setting pressure reducing valve (output pressure constant value), constant differential pressure reducing valve (input and output pressure constant value) and constant ratio pressure reducing valve (keep certain proportion between input and output pressure)

Hydraulic valves enable an actuator (such as a hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, etc.) to move the other actuators in sequence. Oil pump pressure to drive the hydraulic cylinder movement, product between the effective use of valve core and valve throttling mouth area and the local resistance on flow generated by its adjusted, so as to control the movement speed of executive element, the.

Hydraulic valve after setting throttling mouth area, this will make load pressure uniformity requirements haven't changed much and motion of high speed of executive element, the need to maintain basically stable, when load pressure changes can keep the import and export of throttle valve pressure difference as a fixed value. In this way, after adjusting the area of the throttle, no matter how the load pressure changes, the speed regulating valve can keep the flow constant through the throttle valve, thus making the moving speed of the actuator stable.

The hydraulic valve, irrespective of the size of the load, enables the two actuating elements of the same oil source to obtain equal flow of equal flow valve or synchronous valve. The proportional flow rate of the proportional distribution valve. In contrast to the shunt valve, the flow of flow to the collector valve is proportionally distributed, and the flow of the flow valve is divided: both the diverter valve and the collector valve function.

The basic structure of the hydraulic valve and the machining accuracy of the screw hole

Hydraulic valve is a kind of commonly used in industry at run time through the pressure control of automation components, their equipment in the process of work on its main controlled by internal pressure oil, when making use of available through comparing with match pressure valve to cooperate to hydropower pipe of the long-distance control.

The surface roughness of the valve and flange on the hydraulic valve block should reach Ra0.4. The surface roughness of the sealing surface of the end pipe joint should reach Ra3.2. In addition, the vertical tolerance between the screw hole of the installation pipe joint and its external surface should be at least 8.

Hydraulic valve valve block all screw holes should be on the machining accuracy requirements, generally choose the 7 h, the thread type of the cartridge valve mounting holes machining accuracy should satisfy the requirements of the product's sample, the roughness of the cartridge valve mounting holes for Ra0.8, moreover also have size tolerance, form and position tolerance requirements. The surface roughness of the 0 ring groove is Ra3.2, and the surface roughness of the general flow path is Ra12.5.

Hydraulic valve block had better use 35 forged steel, general valve block using A3 steel or nodular cast iron, with gas cutting adjust valve block from the plank material, should have enough machining allowance, it is best to valve block again after the blank forging processing. The material of the processing valve block should ensure the internal organization is dense, must not have the defect such as the interlayer, the trachoma, should respond to the blank inspection when necessary.

The basic structure of the hydraulic valve includes the valve core, valve body and the control device of the drive valve core in the valve body. The main form of the valve core is the slide valve, cone valve and ball valve. The body of the valve body has the valve body hole or seat hole fitted with the valve core, as well as the inlet, outlet and drain of the external tubing.

A device that drives a relative motion inside the valve body can be a manual or a spring or an electromagnet, and in some cases liquid pressure is used. In working principle, the hydraulic valve is the relative motion of the valve core in the valve body to control the opening and opening of the valve port to achieve the pressure, flow and direction control.

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