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Hydraulic Valve Quite Impressive
Oct 09, 2017

With the extension of the use of hydraulic valves, failure or failure is inevitable. Hydraulic valve failure or failure is mainly due to wear and tear, cavitation and other factors caused by the gap is too large, hydraulic valve leakage and hydraulic oil pollution caused by the deposition of hydraulic valve spool caused by abnormal or chucking. When the hydraulic valve failure or failure, the majority of enterprises to replace the new components of the way to restore the hydraulic system function, the failure of the hydraulic valve has become waste. In fact, most of these parts of the hydraulic valve is still in good condition by the local maintenance can be restored. Hydraulic Valve The significance of the study of hydraulic valve maintenance is not only to save the cost of component purchase, when the failure of the hydraulic valve without spare parts or order takes a long time, and the equipment may be due to long-term downtime through maintenance can temporarily maintain the equipment and the entire production line to run its economic benefits It is considerable.

 Disassembly cleaning is the first process of hydraulic valve maintenance. For hydraulic oil pollution caused by oil deposition, or hydraulic oil in the particulate impurities caused by hydraulic valve failure, the demolition cleaning can generally remove the failure to restore the function of the hydraulic valve.

Common cleaning processes include 1) disassembly. Although the hydraulic valve between the various parts of the bolt connection, but the hydraulic valve design is non-demolition, Hydraulic Valve if there is no special equipment or professional technology, forced dismantling is likely to cause damage to the hydraulic valve. Therefore, before the demolition of the hydraulic valve to grasp the structure and the connection between the parts, the demolition of the record when the location of the relationship between the parts. (2) check clean up. Check the valve body, spool and other parts of the dirt deposition, without damage to the surface under the premise of the use of cotton yarn, brush, non-metallic scraper to clear the concentration of dirt. (3) rough wash. The valve body, spool and other parts on the cleaning tank tray, heating soaking, the compressed air into the bottom of the cleaning tank, through the bubble stirring effect, cleaning off the residual dirt, conditional can be used ultrasonic cleaning. (4) fine wash. With high pressure cleaning cleaning liquid cleaning, and finally dry with hot air. Conditional enterprises can use the existing cleaning agent, individual occasions can also use organic cleaning agents such as diesel, gasoline. (5) assembly. Hydraulic Valve Depending on the assembly of the hydraulic valve assembly or the assembly of the parts recorded during disassembly, the assembly should be careful not to touch the parts. The original sealing material is easily damaged during disassembly and should be replaced at assembly time.

Note the following issues when cleaning 1) for the deposition of a long time, paste a solid dirt, do not scratch with the surface cleaning. (2) attention to safety when heated. Hydraulic Valve Some inorganic cleaning solution is toxic, heat and volatile can be poisoned, should be used with caution; organic cleaning solution flammable, pay attention to fire. (3) Select the cleaning fluid, pay attention to its corrosive, to avoid corrosion of the valve body (4) after cleaning the parts should pay attention to preservation, to avoid corrosion or re-pollution (5) assembled hydraulic valve to be tested before they can be put into use The

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