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Hydraulic Valve Its Own Factor
Oct 24, 2017

The hydraulic valve is the most widely used component in the hydraulic system. Its function is to control the flow direction, pressure and flow of the oil to meet the power direction, Hydraulic Valve force (or moment) required by the actuator, and the speed of the hydraulic system. Work as required. So when the hydraulic valve failure, the stability of the hydraulic system, accuracy and reliability have a great impact, Hydraulic Valve and even cause the system can not work.

Failure analysis of hydraulic valves can not be simply equivalent to the failure of general mechanical parts analysis, it also belongs to the hydraulic components of their own factors. In this paper, the hydraulic valve failure of several common phenomena to explore, so that in the management of hydraulic equipment to take preventive measures.

Hydraulic spool, valve sleeve, Hydraulic Valve valve body and other mechanical parts of the movement between the sub-in the use of continuous friction, making the size of the parts and surface quality changes and failure.

Electromagnetic reversing valve spool wear or deformation, will make the valve vent to reduce the efficiency, and easy to enter the gap or deformation of the dirt, Hydraulic Valve so that the valve core to produce mechanical jamming phenomenon. If the spool and valve hole with the gap is too large, will have a pressure shock. Pressure relief valve pilot valve wear will make the valve unstable, or even can not pressure. Relief valve pilot cone valve (or pilot ball valve) due to wear and sealing is not strict, can not be normal pressure. One-way throttle (speed) valve check valve part of the wear and tear, sealing lax, part of the oil flow will flow through the one-way valve, affecting the speed of the sensitivity.

In the long-term variable load, the spring in the hydraulic valve will cause the spring to become soft, the spring length is shortened or the whole is broken; the spool and the valve seat will be cracked, peeled or otherwise damaged due to fatigue. These are likely to invalidate the valve. The fatigue or breakage of the spool valve or pilot valve on the spill valve will cause the system pressure to fail to meet the requirements. The valve of the reversing valve is too soft or short, which will affect the working position of the spool and the normal reset,Hydraulic Valve so that the system can not work normally

Hydraulic parts in the process of residual stress and the use of the process of external load stress exceeds the yield strength of parts, the parts deformation, can not complete the normal function and failure. Relief valve spool deformation or spring deformation, will make the spool movement is not flexible, Hydraulic Valve resulting in system pressure instability. Unloading valve spool deformation will make the spool slow operation, so that the system from unloading to the working pressure or working pressure to unloading the conversion process is slow. Reversing valve valve core bending deformation will make the valve for the action is difficult to normal. Hydraulic Valve Note that improper assembly may also cause deformation of the parts, Hydraulic Valve such as: the valve assembly screw screw too tight and the deformation of the valve body may cause the spool to block.

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