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Hydraulic Valve Decisive Influence
Sep 27, 2017

First of all, according to the functional requirements of the system to determine the type of hydraulic valve. Should try to choose the standard series of generic products. Hydraulic Valve Depending on the actual installation, choose a different connection, such as tube or plate connection. Then, according to the system design of the maximum working pressure to select the hydraulic valve rated pressure, Hydraulic Valve according to the maximum flow through the hydraulic valve to select the hydraulic valve flow specifications. If the relief valve should be selected according to the maximum flow rate of the hydraulic pump, Hydraulic Valve the flow valve should be selected according to the flow rate controlled by the loop. The minimum steady flow should be less than the minimum steady flow required by the speed range.

The installation of the hydraulic valve on the hydraulic device structure has a decisive impact, so according to the specific circumstances to choose the appropriate installation. In general, in the choice of hydraulic valve installation method, should be selected according to the size of the hydraulic valve, the system complexity and layout characteristics to set. Several of the installation methods described above have their own characteristics. Threaded connection, suitable for the system is relatively simple, fewer components, the installation location is more spacious occasions. Plate connection type, suitable for the system more complex,Hydraulic Valve more components, the installation location is more compact occasions. The connection plate can be drilled to communicate the oil circuit, install a plurality of hydraulic components on the connection plate, reduce the connection between the hydraulic valves and reduce the leakage point, making installation and maintenance more convenient. Flange connection type is generally used for large diameter valves.

The rated pressure of the hydraulic valve is the basic performance parameters of the hydraulic valve, marking the hydraulic valve pressure capacity of the size, Hydraulic Valve refers to the hydraulic valve in the rated working state of the nominal pressure. Hydraulic valve rated pressure selection, should be based on the hydraulic system design work pressure to select the corresponding pressure level of the hydraulic valve. In general, the rated pressure value indicated on the hydraulic valve should be made to be greater than the operating pressure of the system.

The rated flow of the hydraulic valve is the nominal flow rate of the hydraulic valve passing through the rated operating conditions. The actual working flow of the hydraulic valve is related to the connection way of the oil in the system: the flow rate of the series circuit is equal and the flow of the parallel circuit is equal to the sum of the oil flow. When choosing the flow rate of the hydraulic valve, Hydraulic Valve it is obviously the most economical if the rated flow of the valve is close to the working flow of the system. If the rated flow rate of the selector valve is smaller than the working flow, it is likely to cause hydraulic clamping and hydrodynamic force and may adversely affect the working quality of the valve. In addition, Hydraulic Valve the flow rate of the valve can not be simply selected according to the rated output flow rate of the hydraulic pump, since the flow rate of each circuit passing through each hydraulic system is unlikely to be the same. Therefore, in the selection, Hydraulic Valve should consider the hydraulic valve where the circuit may pass the maximum flow.

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