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Hydraulic Valve Common Materials
May 27, 2017

Hydraulic valve body commonly used material

1. Hydraulic Valve Gray Iron gray iron valve is used in all fields of industry for its low price and wide application. They are commonly used in the case of water, steam, oil and gas, and are widely used in chemical, printing and dyeing, oil, textile and many other industrial products that have little or no impact on iron pollution.

Suitable for working temperature between-15 200, nominal pressure pn ≤ 1.6MPa low pressure hydraulic valve body.

2. The black-hearted malleable iron is suitable for working temperature between-15 300, nominal pressure pn ≤ 2.5MPa medium-low pressure valve body. Applicable medium for water, Hydraulic Valve seawater, gas, ammonia and so on.

3. Ductile Iron Ductile Iron is one of the cast iron, this cast iron, pellet or spherical graphite instead of gray cast iron in the flake graphite. This change in the internal structure of the metal makes its mechanical properties better than that of ordinary gray cast iron and does not damage other properties. Therefore, the hydraulic valve body made of ductile iron is more pressure than that of the hydraulic valve body made of gray iron. Suitable for working temperature between-30, nominal pressure pn ≤ 4.0MPa of medium and low pressure hydraulic valve body.

Applicable medium for water, seawater, steam, air, gas, oil and so on.

4. Carbon steel (WCA, WCB, WCC) at first the development of cast steel is to accommodate those beyond the cast iron valves and bronze valve capabilities of production needs. Hydraulic Valve However, because of the good performance of the carbon steel valve, and the resistance strength of the stress caused by the thermal expansion, the impact load and the pipeline deformation, the use range is enlarged, which usually includes the working condition of the cast iron valve and the bronze hydraulic valve body.

Suitable for working temperature between-29 425 hydraulic valve body. Among them 16Mn, 30Mn temperature is-40, commonly used to replace the ASTM A105. The applicable medium is saturated steam and superheated steam. High temperature and low temperature oil, liquefied gas, compressed air, water, gas, etc.

5. Low temperature carbon steel (LCB) low-temperature carbon steel and low NI alloy steel can be used for temperature range below zero, but can not be extended to deep cold zone. Hydraulic Valve The hydraulic valve body made of these materials is suitable for the following media, such as seawater, carbon dioxide, acetylene, propylene and ethylene.

Suitable for working temperature between-46 cryogenic hydraulic valve body.

6. Low-alloy steels (WC6, WC9) Low-alloy steels (such as carbon molybdenum steel and CR-Mo Steel) are made of hydraulic valve bodies that can be applied to a wide range of working mediums, including saturated and superheated steam, cold and hot oil, gas and air. Carbon steel valve operating temperature can be used to 500 Shan, Hydraulic Valve low alloy steel valves available to 600 Shan or more. At elevated temperatures, the mechanical properties of low-alloy steels are higher than those of carbon steel.

High-temperature high-pressure hydraulic valve body for working temperature between-29 medium; C5, C12 is suitable for high-temperature high-pressure hydraulic valve body with corrosive medium between 29 and operating temperature. 

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