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Hydraulic Valve Cleaning Method
Oct 31, 2017

Hydraulic valve is a pressure oil operated by the automatic components, which is controlled by the pressure valve oil pressure, usually combined with the use of electromagnetic pressure valve can be used for long-distance control of hydropower station oil, gas, water pipe system off. Commonly used in clamping, control, lubrication and other oil. There are direct and pilot type of the points, multi-use pilot type.

According to the use of one-way valve and valve. Check valve: only allows the fluid in the pipeline in one direction, reverse that cut off. Directional valve: change the relationship between the different piping. According to the number of working places in the valve body in two parts, three, etc .; according to the number of channels controlled by the two links, three links, four links, five links, etc .; according to the spool drive way manual, , Hydraulic and so on. Figure 2 for the three four-way valve works. P is the oil supply port, O is the return port, and A and B are the output ports leading to the actuator. When the spool is in the middle position, all the port cut off, the implementation of the component does not move; when the spool moved to the right position, P and A, B and O through; when the spool to the left position, P and B Pass, A and O pass. In this way, the implementation of components can be positive and negative movement.

According to the use of overflow valve, pressure relief valve and sequence valve. ⑴ relief valve: to control the hydraulic system to achieve the set pressure to maintain a constant state. A relief valve for overload protection is called a safety valve. When the system fails, the pressure rises to the limit may cause damage, the valve port will open and overflow to ensure the safety of the system. ⑵ pressure reducing valve: can control the branch circuit to get lower than the main circuit pressure pressure. The pressure relief valve according to its control of the pressure function is different, but also can be divided into constant pressure valve (output pressure is constant) ﹑ differential pressure reducing valve (input and output pressure difference is set) and the ratio of pressure reducing valve (Input and output pressure to maintain a certain proportion). ⑶ sequence valve: can make an implementation of components (such as hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc.) after the action, and then in order to make other executive elements. The pressure generated by the pump first to promote the movement of the hydraulic cylinder 1, while the inlet valve through the sequence of action on the area A, when the hydraulic cylinder 1 is fully completed, the pressure increases, the role of the area of the upward thrust greater than the spring Value, the spool up so that the inlet and outlet port connected to the hydraulic cylinder 2 movement.

Cleaning method:

(1) disassembly.

Although the hydraulic valve between the various parts of the bolt connection, but the hydraulic valve design is non-demolition, if there is no special equipment or professional technology, forced dismantling is likely to cause damage to the hydraulic valve. Therefore, before the demolition of the hydraulic valve to grasp the structure and the connection between the parts, the demolition of the record when the location of the relationship between the parts.

(2) check clean up.

Check the valve body, spool and other parts of the dirt deposition, without damage to the surface under the premise of the use of cotton yarn, brush, non-metallic scraper to clear the concentration of dirt.

(3) rough wash.

The valve body, spool and other parts on the cleaning tank tray, heating soaking, the compressed air into the bottom of the cleaning tank, through the bubble stirring effect, cleaning off the residual dirt, conditional can be used ultrasonic cleaning.

(4) fine wash.

With high pressure cleaning cleaning liquid cleaning, and finally dry with hot air. Conditional enterprises can use the existing cleaning agent, individual occasions can also use organic cleaning agents such as diesel, gasoline.

(5) assembly.

Depending on the assembly of the hydraulic valve assembly or the assembly of the parts recorded during disassembly, the assembly should be careful not to touch the parts. The original sealing material is easily damaged during disassembly and should be replaced at assembly time.

Cleaning Note:

(1) for the hydraulic valve deposition time is long, paste a solid dirt, clean up do not scratch with the surface.

(2) attention to safety when heated. Some inorganic cleaning solution is toxic, heat and volatile can be poisoned, should be used with caution; organic cleaning solution flammable, pay attention to fire.

(3 select the cleaning fluid, pay attention to its corrosive, to avoid corrosion of the valve body

(4) After cleaning the parts should pay attention to preservation, to avoid corrosion or re-pollution

(5) equipped with a good hydraulic valve to be tested before they can be put into use.

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