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Fuel Pump Working Principle
Aug 28, 2017

Fuel pump is a professional term for the auto parts industry. Is one of the basic components of the EFI fuel injection system, located inside the vehicle fuel tank, the fuel pump is activated and When the engine is running, if the engine is stopped and the ignition switch is still ON, the HFM-SFI control module turns off the fuel supply to avoid accidental ignition.

Fuel pump is the role of fuel from the fuel tank to suck out, pressurized and transported to the oil supply pipe, and fuel pressure regulator with the establishment of a certain fuel pressure.

Fuel pump by the electric motor, pressure limiter, check valve composition, electric motor actually work in the oil pump shell fuel, do not worry, because the shell does not have any

What can be the ignition thing, the fuel can lubricate and cool the fuel motor, the oil port is equipped with a check valve, the pressure limiter is located on the pressure side of the oil pump housing, with a passage leading to the inlet port.

ZYB ignition supercharged fuel pump is suitable for conveying diesel oil, heavy oil, residue oil, fuel oil and other media, especially for the road and bridge engineering mixing station in the fuel pump, is to replace the ideal product of imported products.

ZYB supercharged fuel pump is not suitable for conveying highly volatile or low flash point of the liquid, such as ammonia, benzene and so on.

How it works: When the rotor disc rotates, the roller is centrifugal force outward pressure, like rotating oil seal, the rotor rotation, pump function, from the inlet port inhalation of fuel, and fuel from the oil into the fuel system, when When the oil pump is closed, the check valve of the oil outlet is closed to prevent the fuel from flowing back to the tank through the fuel pump. The fuel pressure maintained by the check valve is called "residual pressure".

The maximum pump pressure of the fuel pump depends on the pressure limiter's standard. If the fuel pump pressure exceeds the predetermined pressure limit, the pressure limiter opens the bypass to return the fuel to the fuel pump inlet.

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