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Fuel Pump The Reason
Jun 26, 2017

Electric fuel pump for some reason, Fuel Pump will lead to the emergence of the car difficult to start, idle instability, acceleration, driving weakness, stop and stop and other phenomena, these reasons are:

1, the impact of hot air resistance;

2, dirty plug the amount of pump caused by reduced, such as gasoline tank from time to time cleaning, resulting in oil pump inlet port filter plug, Fuel Pump cleaning the pump and filter, the pump can not return to normal;

3, pump capacity decline or failure for the oil filter dirty or reverse, and sometimes due to refueling is not timely, resulting in increased heat load;

4, carbon brush, spring, for the film, winding heat, wear increased, the resistance value becomes larger;

5, the pump speed down, Fuel Pump oil and oil decreased, so that the pump failure.

The check method is: first with a jumper to the fault detection socket on the two detection jack short, and then open the ignition switch (do not start the engine). At this time from the tank should be able to hear the operation of the fuel pump sound. If you can not hear the sound of running, you can pinch the gasoline hose should be able to feel the oil pressure. Otherwise, indicating that the electric fuel pump does not work, should check the electric fuel pump power fuse, the relay and control lines are faulty. Fuel Pump If you are normal, you should check the electric fuel pump.

(1) with a dedicated wire to the diagnostic seat on the fuel pump test terminal across the 12V power supply;

(2) Turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position, but do not start the engine;

(3) unscrew the fuel tank cover to hear the sound of the fuel pump work, Fuel Pump or hand into the oil hose should feel the pressure;

(4) If you can not hear the working sound of the fuel pump or the inlet tube without pressure, should repair or replace the fuel pump;

(5) If the fuel pump does not work failure, and the above check is normal, should check the fuel pump circuit wires, relays, fuselage fuse whether the open circuit.

The measurement method is: the battery voltage should be more than 12Y, remove the battery negative cable, the release of fuel oil system, connected to the oil pressure gauge. Fuel Pump After reconnecting the battery negative cable, short the two test holes of the electric fuel pump by jumper, then turn on the ignition switch, let the fuel pump work and read the oil pressure of the oil pressure gauge. Fuel Pump The value should be in accordance with the regulations. If it is higher than the specified value, replace the pressure regulator; if below the specified value, check the oil hose and the connection for oil spill, and check the fuel pump, Fuel Pump gasoline filter and gasoline pressure regulator is normal Wait.

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