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Fuel Pump The Cause Of The Damage
Oct 31, 2017

Many people do not know gasoline pump and fuel pump between them in the end what is the difference between, and some people will enter the errors, that there is no difference between the two, in fact, they are gasoline engine from the fuel tank, Fuel pump is a diesel engine pump, fuel pump is diesel engine from the tank to the diesel fuel, fuel injection pump is the quantitative pressure of diesel fuel to the fuel injector, the oil pump is the oil from the oil pan The

The role of the two of them is different, the petrol pump is inside the car fuel tank, the supply of engine gasoline pump, it is by the computer control of the work is a certain pressure. Oil pump is inside the engine (oil box), he is for the engine oil lubrication, there is a certain pressure. Oil pump, which is used to facilitate the liquid from one container to another container used. There are several pumps on the car, such as brake main pump, pump, ABS brake pump, vacuum pump, air pump (electric door lock), air pump (car shock). Fuel pump referred to as diesel pump, that is, said the diesel engine on the high-pressure pump.

The main function of the petrol pump in the tank is to pump the oil in the tank through the tubing to the engine. The main function of the oil pump installed in the sump is to pump the oil pump from the oil pan to the main oil supply to the engine. Oil pump generally do not need conservation, gasoline pump only bad or low oil pressure will be replaced, generally only need to regularly change the gasoline grid on it.

The petrol pump function is for gasoline to the injector. The computer control of the nozzle, control the fuel injection cylinder ignition in the cylinder to produce explosive power output work. Generally installed in the tank. Oil pump is for oil. Lubricate the engine parts. Reduce the wear of the engine parts. The position is generally in the oil and the crankshaft before the oil seal that is used to transport fuel, both diesel, and oil pump is the conveyor oil, so the two transport media is not the same.

What are the reasons for the damage to the fuel pump?

We should all know that the BMW fuel supply system which generally have two oil pumps, one is a low pressure is a high pressure role is to use the fuel out of the engine; also a high-pressure pump, near the engine near, this is mainly to Increase the fuel injection pressure, so that fuel better atomization.

1, overheating

Fuel pump high-speed operation will certainly heat, and this need to fuel itself to cool, if the fuel is not enough to completely immerse the fuel pump, is bound to affect the fuel pump heat, long time high temperature operation will be easy to damage. So do not wait until the fuel red alarm before going to refuel, which is also very important on the one hand considerations.

The situation is to give priority to the left side of the fuel consumption, if the drainage is poor, or the left side of the fuel to the right, then the fuel pump has been pumping the right side of the fuel, the fuel pump will soon appear in the oil On the impact of heat.

2, the fuel filter does not change for a long time

Really, really have such a car, 34,000 kilometers of oil, machine filter, fuel filter did not change, until the car can not move to repair. Fuel filter for a long time do not change, certainly make the fuel pump work hard, long time to do things hard, for you you are easy to old it

3, the use of poor quality fuel

Poor fuel and impurities, too much foreign body, likely to cause fuel pump suction filter blockage, so that fuel pump pump oil, and some can not filter impurities into the fuel pump, but also easy to wear fuel pump.

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