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Fuel Pump Overheating Problems
Oct 16, 2017

Fuel pump high-speed operation will certainly be hot, and this will need fuel itself to cool, if not enough fuel pump can not be fully immersed, will affect the fuel pump cooling, Fuel Pump long time high temperature operation is easy to damage. So don't wait until the fuel red alarm to refuel, this is also very important on the one hand.

In addition, BMW tank is about 2 side, if the oil tank is not well drained on both sides of the fuel pump overheating is easy to cause the problem, normal situation is the priority consumption of the left fuel, if the drainage is not smooth, or the left side of the fuel is not to the right, Fuel Pump then the fuel pump has been pumping on the right side of the fuel, fuel pump will soon appear on the oil surface , affecting the heat dissipation.

Poor-quality fuel also impurities, foreign bodies too much, easy to cause fuel pump suction strainer blockage, so that fuel pump pump oil, and some can not filter impurities into the fuel pump, but also easy to wear fuel pump.

Electric fuel pump For some reasons, Fuel Pump will lead to difficulties in the start-up of the car, idling instability, speed up the bad, driving, walking and stopping the phenomenon, these reasons are:

1, the influence of heat resistance;

2, dirty plugging caused by the reduction of pump oil, Fuel Pump such as gasoline tank is not regularly cleaned, resulting in oil pump into the mouth of the filter plug, cleaning oil pump and filter net, pump oil can not be restored to normal;

3, pump oil capacity decline or failure of more than oil filter dirty plugging or the reverse, sometimes because refueling less, resulting in increased thermal load;

4, Carbon brush, Spring, reversing film, Fuel Pump winding heat, wear increased, the value of the resistance to become larger;

5. The speed of oil pump decreases, the oil pressure and fuel quantity decrease, and the oil pump fails.

Its inspection method is: first with a cross wiring to the fault detection socket on the two detection Jack short, and then open the ignition switch (do not start the engine). Fuel Pump At this point from the tank should be able to hear the fuel pump running sound. If you can't hear the sound of running, you can feel the oil pressure by holding the gas hose. Otherwise, the electric fuel pump does not work, Fuel Pump should check the electric fuel pump power fuse, relay and control line has no fault. If all is normal, the electric fuel pump should be removed.

(1) The fuel pump test terminal on the diagnostic seat is connected to the 12V power supply with a special wire;

(2) Turn the ignition switch to the "on" position, Fuel Pump but do not start the engine;

(3) The opening of the fuel tank lid can hear the sound of the oil pump work, or with the hand pinch into the oil hose should feel pressure;

(4) If you do not hear the work of the fuel pump sound or no pressure into the tubing, Fuel Pump should overhaul or replace the fuel pump;

(5) If the fuel pump does not work fault, and the above inspection is normal, should check the fuel oil pump circuit conductor, relay, fusible wire Fuse has no open circuit.

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