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Fuel Pump Of The Characteristic Curve
Oct 24, 2017

In the system "fuel pump electronic adjustment", according to the need to control the electric fuel pump. The engine control unit calculates the amount of fuel required at each time point based on the driver's expectations and the operating state of the engine. Fuel Pump The total amount required will be sent to the electric fuel pump (EKPS, on behalf of "electric fuel pump") as information via the controller LAN bus.

The electric fuel pump converts the information into an output voltage modulated by pulse width. For this purpose, the characteristic of the fuel demand is stored in the electric fuel pump. Fuel Pump The characteristic curve is set according to the specific engine and model.

EFI (electronic fuel injection EFI) engine in the form of more, Fuel Pump if the way into the air intake detection, mainly divided into two categories. One is the intake manifold pressure detection type injection device, also known as the D injection system. It is installed by the intake manifold in the intake pressure sensor to complete the intake pressure detection, is a speed density detection. Fuel Pump The other is the intake air flow detection type injection device, also known as the L type injection system. Fuel Pump It is installed by the intake manifold in front of the intake air flow sensor (with blade, Carmen vortex, hot wire and hot film) to complete the intake air flow detection, is a mass flow detection. D-type injection system and L-type injection system fuel pump control principle is not the same.

Fuel pump work has two kinds of control methods. Fuel Pump One is the work of the control. In order to ensure the safety of the vehicle, only in the engine running the corresponding signal sent to the old, fuel pump to work. Second, speed control.

The working principle is: close the ignition switch, the engine is running, the fuel pump switch K closed, the fuel pump began to supply oil. In the engine low-speed small load conditions, the electronic controller ECU according to the detected engine conditions, so that the internal transistor conduction, Fuel Pump connected to the fuel pump speed control relay coil circuit. Relay contact K2 closed, the buck resistor connected to the fuel pump circuit, so that low-speed operation of fuel pump to reduce the amount of pump. Fuel Pump In the case of high engine speed and heavy duty operation, the ECU detects the engine condition and cuts off the internal transistor to cut off the fuel pump speed control relay coil circuit. Fuel pump speed control relay contacts K2 off, K1 closed, Fuel Pump short-circuit buck resistor, so that the fuel pump high-speed operation, increase the amount of pump. 

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