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Fuel Pump Highly Clean
Oct 19, 2017

1. The role of the fuel pump is the fuel from the fuel tank sucked, pressurized and transported to the oil supply pipe, and fuel pressure regulator with the establishment of a certain fuel pressure.

2. Fuel pump is a professional term for the auto parts industry. Fuel Pump It is one of the basic components of the fuel injection system of the EFI vehicle. It is located inside the vehicle fuel tank. The fuel pump is operated at the start and the engine is running. Fuel Pump If the ignition is still ON when the engine is stopped, the HFM-SFI control module turns off the fuel supply of the fuel pump, To avoid accidental ignition.

1, the demolition: the spark plug on the high-pressure sub-line in turn removed, and in the original position to mark, so as not to install dislocation. Remove the dust and debris from the spark plug hole in advance to prevent the debris from falling into the cylinder. Disassemble the spark plug sleeve with a spark plug, Fuel Pump remove the sleeve and remove it in turn.

2, check: spark plug electrode normal color is gray, such as the electrode burned with carbon deposition, then there is a fault. Check the spark plug and the cylinder conduction, Fuel Pump with the central high-voltage line touch the spark plug of the terminal, and then open the ignition switch to observe the high voltage jump position. Such as the jump position in the spark plug gap, then the role of good spark, Fuel Pump otherwise, that is necessary to change.

Spark plug electrode gap adjustment: a variety of models of spark plug clearance are different, generally should be between 0.7-0.9, check the gap size, available spark plug gauge or thin metal sheet. If the gap is too large, you can use the screwdriver gently tapping the external electrode, Fuel Pump so that the gap is normal; gap is too small, you can use the screwdriver or metal insert electrode pull out.

Spark plug replacement: spark plug is easy to consume parts, the general driving 20000-30000 km that should be replaced. The spark plug is replaced by a sign that does not catch the fire, Fuel Pump or the electrode discharge part is rounded by ablation. In addition, if used in the discovery of spark plugs often coke, off the fire, usually because the spark plug too cold, need to use hot spark plugs; Fuel Pump if hot ignition or the impact of the cylinder sound, you need to use cold spark plug.

1. The internal parts of the electric fuel pump are very precise. Therefore, the key to prolong the service life of the fuel pump is to keep the fuel clean and clean, and the filter is cleaned regularly (it can not be cleaned with fiber cloth) according to the maintenance requirements. Fuel Pump To prevent the fuel pump from being impaired by impurity or early wear.

2. For built-in electric fuel pump, Fuel Pump prohibit the fuel tank in the case of forced start the engine. Remove the fuel pump from the tank to do the test, each time the power can not be more than 6s, Fuel Pump because no gasoline cooling time is too long, easily lead to fuel pump motor windings burned.

3. As the electric fuel pump is the overall package type, are irreparable parts, in the event of damage, should replace the same type of fuel pump. If the replacement of the fuel pump model is different, may be due to pump oil pressure can not meet the original requirements caused by performance disorders.

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