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Fuel Pump Cooling And Lubrication
Nov 01, 2017

Fuel pump high-speed operation will certainly be hot, and this will need fuel itself to cool, if not enough fuel pump can not be fully immersed, will affect the fuel pump cooling, long time high temperature operation is easy to damage.

Poor-quality fuel also impurities, Fuel Pump foreign bodies too much, Fuel Pump easy to cause fuel pump suction strainer blockage, so that fuel pump pump oil, and some can not filter impurities into the fuel pump, but also easy to wear fuel pump.

When the fuel oil level in the meter lights up, about 7 liters of fuel in the tank, the fuel level in the tank is probably in the red line shown in the diagram.Fuel Pump Because the oil level is too low, the fuel pump motor can not be fully cooled and lubricated, will cause the motor overheating or even stop. If the pump is often in this state of work, the premature damage to the oil pump is unavoidable.

Because of the poor quality of oil, the fuel tank will be filled with a variety of impurities or foreign bodies, fuel chestnut through its bottom of the filter net inhalation of fuel, pumped to the engine.

In this process, large particles of impurities are blocked by the filter net, and small particles of impurities are inhaled oil pump motor, will also aggravate the oil pump motor wear, resulting in early damage to the chestnut.

Gasoline filter has not been replaced for a long time, Fuel Pump gasoline filter fuel system seriously blocked, petrol pump pump oil, long time in high load state caused by gasoline pump damage

1. Gasoline has cooling and lubricating effect on oil pump. If the fuel oil alarm is not timely refueling will cause the oil pump cooling and lubrication effect decreased, Fuel Pump causing damage;

2. The impurity of the bad gasoline will cause the fuel supply system to jam, and cause the oil pump wear to cause damage (such as: strainer blockage). Fuel Pump Early damage to oil pumps is mostly due to the use of poor fuel vehicles.

1, the influence of heat resistance;

2, dirty plugging caused by the reduction of pump oil, such as gasoline tank is not regularly cleaned, resulting in oil pump into the mouth of the filter plug,Fuel Pump cleaning oil pump and filter net, pump oil can not be restored to normal;

3, pump oil capacity decline or failure of more than oil filter dirty plugging or the reverse, sometimes because refueling less, resulting in increased thermal load;

4, Carbon brush, Spring, Fuel Pump reversing film, winding heat, wear increased, the value of the resistance to become larger;

5. The speed of oil pump decreases, the oil pressure and fuel quantity decrease, and the oil pump fails.

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