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Fuel Pump Check And Analyze
Jul 20, 2017

A 2005 Shanghai General Chevrolet Sail sedan with a mileage of 8 000 km. Fuel Pump According to the owner to reflect the car driving the engine sometimes turn off, to the repair station inspection is fuel pump fuse blown, fuse in the fuse before there is no precursor, Fuel Pump fuse fuse can hear a relatively large "bar" sound. Replace the fuse, after a few minutes the fuse will be blown. The vehicle has been repaired several times to the repair station, replacing the engine harness, instrument wiring harness, oxygen sensor, Fuel Pump ignition coil, fuel tank and multiple fuel pump and other components, but did not find the root cause of the failure.

After taking over the car, the author according to the previous maintenance records can be identified as a typical intermittent fault, if not a comprehensive inspection and analysis, Fuel Pump only by experience and blind replacement parts difficult to solve the problem. The common cause of fuel pump fuses F26 fuses is that there is a short circuit in the circuit part associated with the fuse, or it is possible that the fuel system is faulty. For example, if the fuel evaporation system is faulty, the fuel tank is damaged or the fuel line is blocked and the fuel Pump work load increases, so that the working current of the fuel pump to increase the fuse fuse, of course, Fuel Pump this situation is not common, first check the fuse F26 fuse, the capacity of 25 A, fuse cross section with black dots , Which indicates that the fuse is blown immediately. If the fuse is blown slowly, there is no black dot on the fuse section, and both ends of the breakpoint should be sharp. It can be seen from the relevant circuit diagram, Fuel Pump the fuse F26 for the oxygen sensor, ignition coil and fuel pump relay power supply line, if the three electrical equipment lines have short circuit, will cause F26 fuse fuse. In order to determine whether the line is faulty, I decided to check the F26 fuse supply line in the presence of short circuit phenomenon. I were in the oxygen sensor heating power line, Fuel Pump the ignition coil power line, the fuel pump plug on the power cord near the site of the electrical equipment in series 25 A fuse, and install the fuel pressure gauge, with the oil pressure gauge Stick to the right side of the windshield for observation in the road test. Road test process, I found that the fuel pressure gauge shows the value is getting lower and lower, and then the engine to turn off, check the line in series fuse, found in series in the fuel pump circuit fuse blown. As the fuse near the fuel pump plug, which shows the fuel pump problems. Remove the rear seat of the fuel pump under the check and found that the fuel pump on the cover sliding bracket has been the bottom of the plastic pump stopper top bad, and the fuel pump internal harness with traces of extrusion damage

If the activated carbon tank is clogged, the anti-roll valve on the top of the tank or the block / shut-off valve stuck in the closed position, Fuel Pump or the connection between them is blocked, Fuel Pump which may cause the vacuum inside the fuel tank to be too large to suck the fuel tank and shrink the fuel Pump the bracket, Fuel Pump so that the fuel pump is damaged, and the fuel pump circuit short circuit. Because the car has been replaced in the previous maintenance fuel tank assembly (including blocking / closing valve and anti-roll valve), Fuel Pump but did not replace the activated carbon cans. Remove the activated carbon cans, blowing back and forth with the mouth of the activated carbon cans on the three ventilation tube, feeling a greater resistance inside. When the vehicle driving in the bumpy road, Fuel Pump I believe that the activated carbon tank inside the activated carbon back and forth when the block may be blocked on the intake hole, Fuel Pump resulting in fuel tank negative pressure.

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